Raccoon Deterrents

Automatic Water Sprinkler Deterrent

Of all the methods to deter and repel mammals such as deer, raccoons, dogs and cats, the most effective trick is a sudden cold shower. It doesn’t matter if the animal is small or large. The surprise factor of an automated sprinkler works miracles, and it is a humane way to keep animals away from your garden. A scarecrow sprinkler is also an ecological choice compared to spreading poisons and/or deterrent scents which are often based on complex chemical compounds. Clean water, that’s all you need to keep your veggies safe.


And yet, as we all know, raccoons are smart and learn fast. They are brave little rascals too and when using a scarecrow sprinkler to keep raccoons away you are well advised to move the sprinkler head around now and then. It’s very easy to do since the mechanism is essentially a sturdy plastic rod with a water sprinkler that you insert into your lawn, or orchard.


If, nusiance animals after a while learn where the scare is coming from, moving the sprinkler does the tric again. Smart as they are, in time, the raccoons will learn leave your property alone and head for easier feeding grounds elsewhere.

There are a variety of motion detect water sprinklers on the market such as the one by Hoont seen above.

Often called “scarecrow sprinkler”, one of the most popular is the Orbit Yard Enforcer which has been on the market for quite a while and which is easy to recommend.