Raccoon Deterrents

Effective Raccoon Deterrent Overview

When animals such as deer, cats, raccoons or wild pigs decide to invade your garden there are very few animal deterrent methods that actually work. Raccoons are especially difficult and finding effective deterrents against small animals is not easy. There are a handful of methods that are useful though.

raccoon on house roofYou could for example use predator urine which really works. Although expensive, this is a proven weapon against critters and it is good for protecting smaller areas such as flower beds. The bad news is that it does not last long. Another drawback of urine is that it is highly targeted towards specific species and will not work on all animals.

Another method is using sound. Ultrasonic repellents are efficient raccoon deterrents in the beginning but the hungry animals soon learn to ignore the irritating sound. It is also quite difficult to aim a ultrasonic gun on a moving target and as with the former, it only works on some species of animals. If you have a stationary device then range can be a problem as it may either be too short or reach your neighbor’s dog.

Check out this video about raccoon deterrents. Pay attention to the very end where she mentions water spray.

The downside of using the water hose yourself is that you have to be there to use it but most disturbing aninals are nocturnal. One garden protector which needs no supervision and is increasingly popular is the motion activated sprinkler. This is a product that has many benefits such as being fully automatic, cheap and works on the majority of animals, big and small, wild or tame. It is a very effective raccoon deterrent but as with everything, there are pros and cons which you may want to consider:

The strong points of this automatic raccoon repellent and how it works:

  • A motion activated Scarecrow is a pulsating lawn sprinkler that initiates instantly whenever it detects a animal and operates for just a few seconds (rotating back and forth) to spray a sweep of water over a large area. You can regulate the arc to control the region sprayed.
  • It will detect animals in a thousand square foot vicinity and will scare cats and dogs, rabbits, geese, and even squirrels out of a particular area of the yard. Since the motion-detector works around the clock, it is especially helpful as a repellent against nocturnal animals like raccoons, deer and skunks.
  • Most animals don’t like to be sprayed suddenly with water and this is something they never get used to. It works every single time.
  • There is no limit to how much ground you can protect. Just add more sprinklers to your raccoon deterrent setup. Calculate roughly 1000 square feet for every unit. If you only have one, you can get the most out of it by using it protect the entrance paths to your property.

The shortcomings of the scarecrow sprinkler:

  • If you want to protect an area of your yard that’s quite far away from the outdoor faucet, you’ll have to cover long distances of garden hose to the unit. This could be costly and may spoil your garden view. In case you’re running the hoses across entire lawn; you’ll have to deal with moving them while cutting the grass. Consider digging down the hoses.
  • If you live in a region with restrictions and water rationing please respect these regulations during the dry season. Even though this water powered animal deterrent uses only a small quantity of water every time it’s activated, the local regulations on water rationing are there for a reason.
  • Those who live in the northern states need to be cautious about their hoses freezing in the winter. The yard remains unprotected during the winter months. A tip is to keep the Scarecrow head in place during winter in the hope that the animals have grown to fear the distinguishing crow design design of the sprinkler

Contech automatic Raccoon deterrentThe water driven Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Sprinkler is eco friendly, discrete and requires a minimum of maintenance. It is easily attached to a garden hose which should be left turned on throughout. Before leaving the Scarecrow turned on for longer periods ensure that there is no leakage in the hose or where it connects to the device or to the faucet.

Garden hose water timerIf your main interest is to use it to repel raccoons and other nocturnal animals we recommend installing a water timer that only activates during the night. Otherwise, you may get a spray yourself in the morning as you leave for work! The Orbit Garden Digital Water Timer is a one dial simple to use timer which works great.

This is probably the most effective raccoon deterrent you can buy and we suggest you give it a try. It can be purchased as a single unit or as a triple package with free shipping.